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snowflakes fallin [30 Nov 2005|11:18am]
[ mood | cold ]

Well it is November 30th and imat work. It is unbeleivably freezing outside and i think im not liking it very much. Burrrr im sooo cold. I just ran outside and i almost froze to death. But anyways if you ever want to see me on myspace go to www.myspace.com/sexililbrunette517 and you can find out more about me.


Welcome to my WINTER winderland!!
<3 Lace

♥ eskimo kiss ♥

Boys want only one thing [18 Nov 2005|09:13am]
[ mood | working ]

So yeah yesterday was very exciting and fun filled. NOT!!! im not going to get into detail but all i have to say is "Meagan i am so sorry, and this experience will only make you a much stronger woman." I seriosuly hate the male race, lets just make this known. So today im at work, working the LLOONNGG shift again i really dont mind, but Derrek didnt go to school today... dumdum, and he spent the night at drew's but his mom gets home early and he'll have to be gone b4 she gets home, so i told him he could go to my house, bc no one will be there till i get there. So lets hope he calls me back and tells me what he wants to do. IDK and then he has to work till 11 and then he is spending the night!!! AWWW!!! im so in love its not even funny. Well gtg got to keep myself busy with other things.


2 ♥ eskimo kiss ♥

be easy or else it'll be a long day [14 Nov 2005|09:08am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Wow this weekend was pretty fun. Derrek, Donny, Erica and i went up north and had a blast.lol i dont remember all of it. Then sat it was just me and my baby. Sunday i went out to lunch with meg and then picked derrek up from work at 4. This morning im kind of sceptical as if it will easy or hard to see him today. My day really isnt all that busy but im supp. to hang out with jenna today, and then he has to work on his car and then he said he could see me around 6 but i have school from 6-8 and then idk it seems real complicated today. JUST TODAY!!!!! i need it to be easy. god damn it. But today besides that im in a really good mood, i looked sooo cute for work today and everything. and katie gave me half her hash brown, so that made my day. idk when ill even talk to derrek today because he doesnt want to use his phone bc of his phone bill so idk.

oh well shit happens
cant sweat the small stuff

I love you derrek


♥ eskimo kiss ♥

Its a good day [11 Nov 2005|10:02am]
So i am in the best of moods today. I dont know why though, i should be in a bad mood because not a lot has gone right this morning.

1. My neck hurts from sleeping on it

2. I didnt get to eat breakfast

3. I woke up late and only got to work 5 min before

4. My good pants ripped

But you know what? When somthing bad happens to me i usually hang on to it for the entire day, but today? NOPE! im in the best of moods. My day at work is going by really fast and its just a good day. After work today im cashing my VERY LARGE check...yay! setting up an appointment to get my nails done at 1:30, then derrek's car broke down so im picking him up from school and then we're hanging out for a bit at my house while i get ready and take a shower and pack because we are going up north tonight to my sisters place from tonight until sunday somtime.

Its just going really good. I cant really explain how or why

I found out last night me and my sisters went to my dads for dinner...
that my parents were going to name me "Natasha"
my dad just told me last night
i like that name

better than mine

oh well

Welcome to it

♥ eskimo kiss ♥

Wanna C Cox? [09 Nov 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Your Outrageous Name is:

Ivana C. Cox

I found that kinda funny. Ive seen my share lemme tell you!

Welcome to my wonderland

♥ eskimo kiss ♥

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